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Infrared Inspection & Thermographic Products

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We are a leading distributor of FLIR thermal imaging products. Contact us today for more information and pricing.

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Purchase CorDEX Cameras and Accessories

DTS offers intrinsically safe Cordex products as part of our extensive inventory.

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Best in Class Infrared Inspections

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Our highly-trained thermographers are the best in their field.

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Why Choose DTS?

Streamline Operations

Our services provide a wide array of benefits that will impact your bottom line across multiple applications and industries.

Highly Effective

Our objective is to become your fully intergrated team member that provides you with entrepreneurial support services. We are recognized throughout our industry as highly effective professionals who contribute to delivering the most cost effective solutions.

World Class Products

Reduce unplanned downtime, operating cost, increase efficiency, lower safety incidents and maximize asset utilization. Infrared inspections have a proven record of being the most cost effiecient means of verifying asset health.

In-Depth Reporting

From DTS's standard report templates to hundreds of custom-made templates, our reports are the most detailed in industry. With several programs and customizable formats to choose from, you will receive the data you want, the way you want it.

We're Highly Effective.

We offer you a broad array of services and products coupled with insightful reporting across multiple applications and industries. Our objective is to become your fully integrated team member that provides you with entrepreneurial support services.

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If you’re interested in information about our services or need help with a product, the infrared professionals at Diamond Technical can help.

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