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“Your thermographer is one of the best I have ever worked with, anywhere.  He was very knowledgeable, professional and worked well with our electricians. Your reports are more detailed than any we have seen.  We are glad we chose DTS and we will have you back next year.”
Master Electrician – Major Theme Park

“Your thermographer was on time every day and very knowledgeable about our equipment.  This is the first IR Inspection we have ever conducted and the results have pointed out many areas that need attention that will cost us a lot of downtime if we do not jump on this.  You have saved us a lot of money.  Infrared inspection is definitely money well spent.”
Manager – Manufacturing Plant

“After checking your references, we are glad to have you on our team.”
Professional Engineer – Utility Company


“Your alert Thermographer pointed out the overheated gearbox and we were able to correct the problem before it failed.  Had it failed, it would have cost us $230,000.00 in lost production.”
President – Manufacturing Company

Process Heater Tubes:

“Before DTS begin monitoring our heater tubes we were experiencing tube failures once or twice a year. Now, we haven’t had a tube failure in 2 years.”
Inspection Manager – Refinery

“When your team arrived on-site we had already started the decoking process. They found that we were running 200°F above the target temperature for our tubes. We were able to immediately reduce the temperature and prevent further damage to the tubes. Thanks DTS.”
Crude Unit Operations Manager – Refinery 


“We have a new roof still under warranty that has been leaking for three months.  The roofing contractor has not been able to find the source of the leak. Your infrared inspection of our roof, located the source of the leak and the contractor has now corrected the problem.”
Directory of Facilities – Major Medical Facility

Research and Development:

“With infrared thermography, we were able to re-design our 7000 BTU Heater Blowers to distribute the air  equally in all four quadrants making this a much more efficient unit.”
Design Engineer – Manufacturing Company


“Our insurance company makes an annual audit of our facility to review our operations and look at our equipment.  We started our review and introduced the VIPIR report to the review process. The insurance company could not believe we had this kind of detailed report with pictures on all of our equipment. With the VIPIR report that DTS put together on our facility, the annual three day review was reduced to three hours.”
Corporate Projects Manager – Manufacturing Facility

“Prior to installation of infrared Sightglasses on some of our high voltage equipment we had never inspected this equipment. Not all electricians or thermographers are familiar with the exact equipment located in high voltage cabinets.  Our VIPIR report has helped us with training of our electrical personnel and made our in house .infrared inspections much easier and more accurate..  With the VIPIR report, we now know what we are looking at when we find an anomaly through the infrared Sightglasses”
Power Systems Supt. – Major Corporation

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