Why DTS?

Why DTS?

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Quality Assurance Guarantee

100% Customer Satisfaction is our goal!

Diamond Technical Surveys, LLC warrants that:

  1. Completed reports will be provided in conformance with the descriptions and other data set forth in the contract documents.
  2. DTS will use sound and professional principles and practices in accordance with consistently accepted industry standards in the performance of this contract.
  3. Performance of DTS personnel shall reflect sound professional knowledge, skill and judgment.
  4. DTS will perform the work in accordance with applicable laws, rules and regulations.




Expect more, receive more. DTS reports are customized to meet client requirements. We understand that the job is not complete without comprehensive reporting.

Using top of the line FLIR infrared thermal imagers and the latest software technology available, our reports are considered the most detailed in the business.

From DTS’s standard report templates to hundreds of custom-made templates, our reports are the most detailed in the industry. With several programs and customizable formats to choose from, our clients receive the data they want, the way they want it.

Our standard report format includes; Inspection Inventory Status, Visual Inspection and Infrared Inspection reports. Printed copies are placed in a binder along with a digital version on CD. Reports may also be uploaded and available via the Client Login tab on the DTS website.

The job is not complete until the paperwork is done.  Getting reports back to our customers in a very timely manner is a priority at DTS.

InspecTrend 6.0 – PdM Inspection Management System

InspecTrend is a powerful multi-tiered program built on Microsoft SQL server technology that manages everything from inspection scheduling, problem tracking and trending to report generation. Before an inspection is performed, the PdM inspection database is replicated out from the server to the pen computer that will be used in the field by a thermographer. Information about any problems observed and verification of the test status of each piece of equipment is entered directly into the database during the inspection. The database can share information with Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and other PdM programs (vibration, oil, etc). Obtain better speed, flexibility, and accuracy during your inspection and post inspection process by utilizing InspecTrend 6.0

Diamond Technical Surveys, LLC was one of the first infrared inspection companies in the USA to implement this program.



Corporate Solutions

The goal of most corporate infrared programs is to provide volume pricing at discounted rates. Another consideration should be continuity of the program. Choosing a single provider for your infrared inspection service allows you to maintain uniformity of the process between multiple locations and sites. This allows for consistency in the reporting process, establishment of inspection criteria and insuring the qualifications of the inspection personnel.

DTS offers corporate solutions to those corporations that have multiple sites and locations.  Our thermographers are experienced at implementing infrared inspection programs in various types of facilities.

A survey of one customer, with 177 locations in 21 states and Canada, showed a ROI (return on investment) of $6.7 million from their annual program. This represented over a 26:1 rate of return. An infrared inspection program for corporations with multiple sites is a very economical way to maximize assets and increase profits.

Infrared inspection gives us the power for true Predictive Maintenance, helping corporations reach their goals of maximizing assets.




DTS utilizes FLIR professional grade infrared cameras. As professional   thermographers, the new HD camera gives greater temperature accuracy with over 300,000 pixels, allowing us to find significant problems that could be missed with low-resolution cameras. The HD camera delivers superior image resolution.



All Inclusive Cost

When we give a customer a quotation for a job, it is plainly stated what the charges are.  It is an all inclusive cost.  Unlike some companies, this is the final cost.  There are no additional associated or hidden charges to be added to the final billing.

Why DTS? Experience, Equipment & Reporting



Energy Conservation / LEED Certification

Cut your carbon emissions while saving money…sounds like a good idea right? That’s the power of Green Infrared Inspections

The Building Owners and Managers Association estimates that energy costs account for 30 percent of operating budgets for commercial and industrial facilities.  Energy cost is the single largest budget controllable cost item. The DOE states that commercial buildings account for 18 percent of the total US energy consumption.  The EPA estimates that $20 Billion a year could be saved if commercial and industrial facilities could increase energy efficiency by 10 percent. 

Millions of dollars can be saved every year by building owners and operators by performing an infrared building envelope survey on their facility. Infrared Thermography is the only proven nondestructive testing method for finding moisture problems and energy loss.  Infrared Thermography can locate these deficient areas in facilities and help reduce operating cost, leading to energy efficient building practices and reducing building emissions. Commercial buildings and industrial facilities account for 45 percent of greenhouse emissions in the United States.  By reducing these emissions, we are helping protect our environment.

Our Certified Thermographers can detect and pinpoint inadequate insulation, moisture infiltration and air leakage which can be caused by poor building construction, lax maintenance program and unreported/unknown damage.

By locating heating and cooling loss areas, operating cost may be greatly reduced. Locating and repairing wet materials will reduce potential growth of mold and mildew.

 By performing infrared building envelope inspections, building occupants may realize increased comfort, health and productivity.

Electrical energy costs will be reduced with infrared inspection of electrical distribution equipment of building, industrial facilities, commercial properties…virtually anywhere  “Hot Spots “are quickly identified with infrared thermography and with timely repairs, energy and preventive maintenance efficiency is improved.

“Our growth has been primarily based on customer satisfaction and our solid reputation for quality work.”

DTS originally began in 1999 offering infrared inspection services, pipeline surveillance inspection and metallurgical consulting. Since 2002, infrared inspection has been our core business. Our client base includes some of the largest corporations in the world to small businesses and home owners, with each client being treated as equally valued customers.

From its inception DTS has maintained a high level of customer retention. Our growth has been primarily based on customer satisfaction and our solid reputation for quality work.

Top-of-the-line infrared thermal imagers, professional thermographers and quick turn around on reports have been the trademark of our business since inception. We continuously strive to improve our operations to offer the best quality infrared inspection possible.

Want More Information?

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