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CorDEX TOUGHPIX Digitherm Digital / Thermal Imaging Camera


CorDEX TOUGHPIX Digitherm Digital / Thermal Imaging Camera


Available in non-IS and Intrinsically Safe models, this rugged, powerful digital thermal imager offers power and with ground-breaking affordability and sets the new standard for compact digital imaging cameras. With must-have features including; 5megapixel visual camera, LED flash, realtime visual/thermal image blending, wireless connectivity, CorDEX DIGITHERM brings a new dimension to the task of finding, documenting and sharing your infrared inspection findings.

Tested to extremes every single component in TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM has been selected with one goal in mind, quality that’s built to last. From being frozen to -20C and dropped from 3 feet, to being blasted with water and dirt as part of industry leading Ingress Protection testing. TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM has been pushed to extremes.

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