Baseline / Due Diligence Inspections

Baseline / Due Diligence Inspections

Know all the facts before you buy. Rely on DTS to help you potentially save money!

Have you inspected all of the electrical and mechanical equipment during your acquisition or purchase of a large asset or company? Don’t get caught paying top dollar for equipment that has not been properly maintained and may experience significant maintenance costs in the future. Adding a third party set of eyes will often detect issues not noted by company personnel connected with a potential acquisition.

DTS Inspectors are experienced in baseline and due diligence inspections. We find potential problems before they become your problem. Our VIPIR system can also add a new dimension to equipment inspection and inventory.

Due diligence should include a complete infrared inspection of all electrical and mechanical equipment and in some cases, roof moisture and building envelope inspections. Visual inspections are included as part of this inspection. Call DTS today!


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