Infrared Window Installation

Infrared Window Installation

Proper placement of Infrared Windows is imperative for effective inspections to be performed. We offer expertise in choosing the right IR Window for the particular application.

Choosing the correct material (calcium fluoride, sapphire, etc.), shortwave/longwave application, size and number of Infrared Windows can be a daunting task for the inexperienced customer. We can help!

The use of Infrared Sightglass / Windows has become more prominent with new NFPA 70E standards and the PPE (personal protective equipment), Limited, Restricted and Prohibited Approach Boundary requirements they recommend. DTS is one of the most experienced infrared companies around when it comes to proper placement and installation of Infrared Windows.

Most glass materials are not infrared transparent. Similarly, Plexiglas and other polymers used in the manufacture of electrical equipment do not allow transfer of infrared energy to the camera. IR Windows are manufactured from various materials that do allow transfer of infrared energy to the camera. Their proper placement and use allow IR inspections to be conducted safely without the need to remove panel covers and expose personnel to potential energy hazards.

DTS Thermographers have extensive experience inspecting through infrared Windows. Contact us for special pricing on your Infrared Window requirements.


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