Infrared Roof Inspections

Infrared Roof Inspections

With infrared moisture intrusion inspection, it is possible to pinpoint and document areas of wet insulation from roof leaks on flat roof surfaces, as well as moisture in walls.

Roof moisture surveys on flat roofs can locate areas with leaks, wet insulation and missing/insufficient insulation. An infrared inspection may indicate that roof damage is less than what was originally indicated by a roofing contractor performing visual inspections only, saving thousands of dollars in roof repairs.

Moisture intrusion in walls, insulation, and other building materials may indicate leaking pipes, condensation problems, leaky exterior building material, bad seals, etc. Moisture intrusion may lead to corrosion issues, mold, mildew and reduced structural strength.

If you require third party verification analysis of roof moisture, DTS has the experience to deliver. We have worked with various roofing contractors and end users to provide an outside evaluation of roofing systems.

Reduce risk from moisture related failures and roofing repairs. Stretch your maintenance dollars. Call or contact DTS today!

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