Mechanical Infrared Inspection

Mechanical Infrared (IR) Inspections

High temperatures indicate excessive electrical resistance, worn components, lack of lubrication / lubrication failure, alignment, overloads and other common mechanical problems.

With an infrared inspection, potential problems can be easily pinpointed and repaired prior to failure.

By testing the operation of your systems in ‘real time,’ our inspections can help you understand the practical impacts of emerging component problems. And because there is no contact with operating/rotating equipment, there is no need to interrupt production, service or manufacturing processes to perform an infrared inspection. Our thermographers inspect your equipment under normal loads and operating conditions, so you don’t have to disrupt your service and production schedules.

While IR cannot take the place of vibration analysis and motor testing, IR Inspections are much quicker and less expensive to implement than other inspection techniques. We recommend performing IR Inspection on a more frequent inspection cycle than the other disciplines and utilizing the data collected from the IR Inspection to help direct the efforts of the other disciplines. The result is inspection dollar savings and less downtime to perform inspections.

Contact DTS today to reduce unscheduled downtime and unplanned maintenance costs and to increase energy efficiency, asset utilization, safety, and profits.

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