Process Heater Tubes

Process Heater Tubes

Due to elevated temperatures, high pressures and metallurgy associated with heater tubes, infrared inspection is the only method available to monitor the entire tube surface while in operation.

DTS is one of the few infrared inspection groups that has both the equipment and expertise to accurately scan high temperature tubes.

Whether an unbalanced heater, Coking, fouled burner(s) or high production rates; we can help your unit operate more efficiently, safely and for longer periods between outages.

Steam/Air Decoking

DTS has helped many clients perform safe and efficient steam/air decokes. With our assistance, you can reduce the time required to conduct a complete decoke of your heater tubes, while maintaining a safe maximum temperature for the particular metallurgy of the tube material. Contact DTS for more information.

Want More Information?

If you’re interested inĀ information about our services or need help with a product, the infrared professionals at Diamond Technical can help.